Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

GREEN SEED CO., LTD. strictly observes laws governing protection of personal information specifically, as well as other related legal code. We also have a company policy in place to ensure that we properly handle and protect personal information, detailed as follows:

1) Acquisition of Personal Information

GREEN SEED CO., LTD. acquires personal information by appropriate means only.

2) Limitations on Use of Personal Information

  1. Except in cases where required by law, our company utilizes personal information only to the extent necessary to carry out our work.
  2. We do not use personal information other than for specified purposes without prior authorization of the individual providing the information.

3) Personal Information Security

  1. GREEN SEED employs a highly secure, accurate system of handling personal information.
  2. Personal information is carefully monitored and steps are taken to prevent loss, falsification, damage, leaking, etc.
  3. GREEN SEED appropriately monitors all employees, including executives and contractors, on privacy policy.

4) Disclosure, Amendment, or Termination of Use of Personal Information

If GREEN SEED is asked by a customer to disclose, amend, or terminate use of personal information, the matter will be addressed in accordance with the law upon confirmation of the concerned individual’s identity.

5) Ongoing Improvement

In order to implement this Privacy Policy, GREEN SEED has established internal regulations on the handling of personal information. These regulations are reviewed regularly and revised as necessary.

Handling of Personal Information

1) Specified Purposes of Personal Information

Personal information provided by customers as well as our own database of personal information is used for the following specified purposes, as needed to carry out our work as a real estate business. Provision of information/services will be terminated if the customer so requests.

  1. Execution of contracts and provision of information on: purchase and sales, exchange, rental, brokerage, and management of real estate, as well as related transactions.
  2. Disclosure/provision of information to third parties as required to achieve (1) above.
  3. Contract management and post-contract management/follow-up services in (1) above.
  4. Sales and marketing activities enabling the provision of information and services in (1) above.
  5. Confirmation of customer identity/credit checks related to applications and contracts related to (1) above.
  6. Customer trend analysis related to our business, and survey analysis for product development.
  7. Drawing up of account ledgers based on Provision 49 of the Building Lots and Buildings Transaction Business Act, and storage of such documents.

2) Disclosure/Provision of Information to Third Parties

GREEN SEED provides customers’ personal information as well as our personal information database to third parties as stipulated by law―and to implement the work of our company and achieve the goals of the use of personal information―but only to the extent required to achieve these purposes. We comply with customer requests not to disclose or provide their personal information to third parties.

  1. Parties with whom we have entered into contract (or with whom we will likely enter into contract) for the following: purchase and sales, exchange, rental, brokerage, or management of real estate, as well as related transactions.
  2. Other licensed realtors
  3. Parties carrying our advertisements, realtor associations, and specified distribution channels.
  4. Contractors, real estate management companies, and other parties implementing related work.
  5. Third parties to whom we must provide information in order to achieve the specified purposes of information disclosure.


Contact as follows for inquiries on the handling of personal information, or for disclosure of information/to ask questions regarding your contract.


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